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Bear Games team Erika benuska Juraj Hornak Patrik Olejnak


Bear Games is a designer project focused on educational games.


We have an architectural background, where we are used to working with laser cutter and MDF material. MDF, or medium density fiberboard is a natural material made out of wooden fiber combining a wax and resin binder pressed to a board.


The process is following: we design the games ourselves in the computer,  then we produce prototypes. When the product is perfect, we cooperate with a small business from central rural Slovakia. The company is called 4frommedia, they have all the machines needed to produce our products. They use UV printing first to print the boards, then they use a laser cutter to cut out the pieces so they fit perfectly together. They deliver the parts to us, then we need to clean each piece of the puzzle by hand. The box is designed to fit together without using any binder. So we put together the box as a 3D puzzle by hand, insert the puzzle and seal the box with rubber bands.

Juraj Hornak

Juraj Horňák

Juraj is the founder, ideamaker, head of the Lebo Mädveď project.

Erika Benuska

Erika Beňuška

Erika takes care of operations, administration, orders, web and marketing.

Patrik Olejnak

Patrik Olejňák

Patrik is our prototyper. He has the technical solutions of the products under his thumb.

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